Maximum Beauty of The Week - THEMBISA S. MSHAKA

Maximum Beauty of The Week - THEMBISA S. MSHAKA

At Maximum Beauties, we are more than simply a fashion brand- we’re a lifestyle that advocates for living life to the fullest and contributing to our communities both local and international. As part of that mission, every week we will highlight women that we feel embody the ethos of a Maximum Beauty.  

This week we’d like to introduce Thembisa S. Mshaka, better known as Lipgame @officiallipgame, or the voice of Aussie Shampoo, to her Instagram fans. An industry trailblazer, Thembisa created the award-winning global ad campaign for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, was the first Black person AND first woman to become Rap Editor at GAVIN Magazine, coined the term Generation NeXt, and helped introduce us to artists such as Busta Rhymes, Common, and Timbaland. Even with all that on her plate, she also finds time to do voiceover work, create films, write, produce, and be an activist and philanthropist through  #LipGameLIVE , a community Mshaka founded for women entrepreneurs to increase their brand/product awareness alongside beauty experts to show women how to maximize their beauty.  Maybe you’ll see her around in her native L.A., or in NY where she also calls home, but if not, you’re sure to have felt the impact she’s made in the entertainment industry. 

Thank you, Thembisa, for being you and being a Maximum Beauty inside and out. Make sure to follow her @officiallipgame on Instagram and check out our social media posts for more on our MB of the Week. 



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