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5 Tips For A Timeless Wardrobe For 2023
The moment the clock struck 12 midnight on January 1, 2023, something happened within that creates a new and perspective you that says, "I want to change but remain the same."  What is that feeling? Its the true you, that...
5 Tips For Making New Years Resolutions That Stick!
    As December is coming to an end, its time for new year resolutions. Whether you're looking to reinvent yourself this year? Or at least use the new year as a reason to get rid of bad habits or...
Maximum Beauty of The Week - THEMBISA S. MSHAKA
Our Maximum Beauty of the week is world renown music industry writer, speaker and activist Thembisa S. Mshaka
We Support Those Impacted by Australian Fires & Earthquake in Puerto Rico
We are dedicated to supporting the people and causes around us every month all year round- no matter where that leads us. With news of fires in Australia & Earthquake in Puerto Rico we are DOUBLING our donations from $5 to $10 of every purchase. So now through January 31st , $10 of every purchase will be given to these charities, at no additional cost to you. We will be donating to the World Wildlife Fund (Australia) and World Central Kitchen (Puerto Rico), two nonprofits on the ground, vetted and approved by the team at Maximum Beauties.
The benefits of shopping at Maximum Beauties are immense, and every time you spend any money shopping there, you're getting even more than your money's worth. Apart from being an insanely great online store, I believe they’re on their way to being one of the best online fashion stores. With what they offer customers, they’re well on the way to being one of the best online stores of 2020.
Why The Bandage Dress is Our Go-To Going Out Dress 
 Bandage dresses are great. They are just perfect for a night out with the girls or for date night. They're made of a blend of materials that make them the perfect sculpting tool for your body. We love bandage dresses...
    Winter is gradually creeping up on us,and it’s just right around the corner. It’s the season of snow, cold, Santa, family reunions, and eggnog. Fashion wise, winter is the season of tall boats, warm winter coats, layering, scarves,...
Already thinking about Prom?
Its only the end of August but our returning High school seniors already have their mind on prom.  What do you think are going to be some of the fashions for prom 2020?          
Back from the Caribbean

"I'm going back to sandy beaches and blue waters." - Love was missing Trinidad before the plane landed at JFK.


Living in London
She's living in London. This expat is bringing her native NY flavor to the streets of London and doing it oh so well. Don't you just love the color coordination? I think I want to wear this look for fall. ...