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Why The Bandage Dress is Our Go-To Going Out Dress 

 Bandage dresses are great. They are just perfect for a night out with the girls or for date night. They're made of a blend of materials that make them the perfect sculpting tool for your body. We love bandage dresses for so many reasons, and because they offer the female figure so much in terms of style and functionality. 

While bandage dresses and bodycons are both figure hugging dresses, they should not be mistaken for each other. We're not disputing the greatness of bodycons, but bandage dresses take the game to a whole new level. You can't regard yourself as a fashionista true to the game of style if you don't have one or more bandage dresses in your wardrobe. 

Wonder why we're so in love with the bandage dress? Keep reading to find out what makes the bandage dress so great and how to style a bandage dress, including what to wear with a bandage dress and what not to. 

Why The Bandage Dress is Amazing 

Here are some amazing reasons why the bandage dress is one of the best dresses to wear for a night out, or even for a day out:

Versatility: One thing to always look out for when spending money on an item is its versatility, and the bandage dress delivers on this. It can be styled in a range of ways and with different items that you already have in your closet. 

Stylishness and Functionality: We'd never advise you to wear something that isn't stylish, and the bandage dress is definitely stylish. It's also super functional, as it not only hugs your body completely, it helps you keep the same form all day long, even after a heavy meal.

Bandage dress

Form Fitting and Complimentary: The bandage dress is great for the female form because it highlights and accentuates your curves, while tucking in some unwanted excesses. 

Variety: The bandage dress is available in any style, color, pattern, and design you can think of. No matter what your personal preference is, there's a bandage dress that fits it. You've got the Welcome to the Party Bandage Dress and the Golden Goddess Bandage Dress

What to Wear with a Bandage Dress

Shoes: Your choice of shoes to wear with a bandage dress should be chic and classy. Try a pair of pumps or strap heels. 

Jewelry: Stick with something simple that makes a definite statement. 

Purse: When picking a purse to wear with your bandage dress, stick to something small and chic, not oversized or bulky bags. The Evelyn Riveting Chain Purse is an awesome 

What Not to Wear with a Bandage Dress

Bandage dresses ooze of sex appeal, and it is paramount that you never wear items that take that away from the outfit. Wearing your bandage dress with oversized sweaters/cardigans, thick tights or leggings, shoes with socks, or even some types of scarves is a no-no. This completely destroys the vibe and ruins the look. 

You can now wear and rock your bandage dress with all the confidence in the world, with the styling tips you just got. You're welcome. 💖

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